2000 LV Epoxy Casting Resin

2000 LV Epoxy Casting Resin is a 100% solids resin with very low odor and a wide range of utility. It can be poured into molds, voids, or brushed on as an epoxy coating.  2000LV epoxy contains additives to absorb UV to keep the epoxy from…

30-125 Points

Clear Acrylic Spray Lacquer

Chroma Craft Clear Acrylic Spray Lacquer is perfect for a long-lasting finish that both beautifies and protects your work from harmful UV rays.  This crystal clear formulation provides exceptional durability and even coating with the convenience of an…

11 Points

Grex Airbrush Cleaner – Ready to Use 8.oz

The Grex Grex Airbrush Cleaner  - Ready to Use 8. oz is an excellent way to help keep your airbrush clean and in top shape. It's easy to use, highly concentrated, yet gentle and effective. Contains no hazardous solvents and is environmentally friendly. Ready…

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