AccuRight Circle Cutting Jig

The AccuRight Circle Cutting Jig by Carter Products quickly and easily attaches to almost any saw allowing you to cut perfect circles every time. The Carter AccuRight® Circle Cutting Jig allows you to cut any diameter circle up to four feet when used…

140 Points

Bowlsaver Blades

Designed for the standard Bowlsaver.  Blades last for up to 500 bowls but can be re-tipped using our replacement stellite tips. Please note these blades are not suitable for the Bowlsaver Max or Max 3  

240-280 Points

Grex Micro Spray Gun Set

The Grex Micro Spray Gun Set is built with the GrexTritium series airbrush at its core and bundled with all the essential accessories to make it work as a mini spray gun. Along with the heavy-duty case, the Grex Micro Spray Gun Set is prepared for almost…

298 Points

Nick Agar Signature Series Viking Sunset Bowl Kit

The Nick Agar Signature Series Viking Sunset Bowl Kit contains everything you need to finish a Viking Sunset Bowl successfully. It includes Yellow, Orange, Coral Red, and Black Nick Agar Signature Series Wood Dyes for vivid coloration and a clear sealer for…

73 Points

NOVA Supernova2 LITE Chuck Insert Version

The Nova Supernova2 Lite is a four-jaw self-centering geared chuck that's suitable for a wide variety of lathes with up to 20'' of swing over the bed. Packed with unique Nova features like composite indexing back, auto-stop, copper composite jaw slides,…

170 Points

NOVA 130mm (5″) Chuck Jaw Set

The NOVA 130mm (5″) Chuck Jaw Set is designed to mount big bowls, up to 29″in diameter. They are designed particularly for the expanded dovetail, reverse dovetail for gripping footed bowls. With a special NOVA woodturning dovetail profile,…

82 Points

NOVA 3″ PowerGrip Jaw Set

The Nova 3" Powergrip Jaw Set for NOVA chucks designed to expand your standard NOVA chuck range and capacity for specific projects and applications. It's the most powerful jaw available in the NOVA range for large spigot/hollow form turning on the larger NOVA…

98 Points

NOVA Big Project Chuck Jaw Bundle

The Nova Big Project Chuck Jaw Bundle includes the three most popular sets of accessory jaws for larger turning projects: the Nova JS130N 130mm (5'') Jaws, the Nova 6017 75mm (3'') Long-Nose Jaws, and the Nova PJSN Power Grip Jaws. All three will fit…

200 Points

NOVA Popular Jaw Bundle (Includes JS25N, JS100N, & JSCOLE)

This bundle includes the top three most popular sets of Nova accessory jaws, which add range and versatility to your Nova Chuck. The set includes the JS25N 1'' Accessory Jaws, JS100N 4'' Accessory Jaws and the Cole Jaw Set, plus additional fastener kits for…

180 Points

Nova Pro-Tek G3 Chuck & Jaws Insert Version

The Pro-Tek Nova G3 is well-suited for mini and midi lathes with up to a 16'' swing over the bed. A four-jaw, self-centering scroll chuck, it features high-powered gearing that delivers a tenacious hold. With its minimal body length, it maximizes your…

160 Points