Carter & Son Toolworks 3/8″ Bowl Gouge

The Carter & Son Toolworks 3/8" Bowl Gouge proves good things come in small packages. This razor-sharp 3/8" fingernail grind bowl gouge is optimal for fine detailed work. At Carter And Son Toolworks, they have worked with M42 high-speed steel for four…

72-122 Points

Carter & Son Toolworks Detail Spindle Gouge

Carter & Son Toolworks Detail Spindle Gouge is designed with a shallow flute and swept back grind for tight cuts and details. This unique gouge is a favorite for intricate work.  Superior M42 high speed steel with a 10% cobalt content, for unparalleled…

60-110 Points

Carter and Son Toolworks 5/8″ Bowl Gouge

The Carter and  Son Toolworks  5/8"  Bowl Gouge  is the perfect size for a wide range of projects. Add a healthy dose of trademark Carter & Son quality, and you've got a new go-to gouge.

90-154 Points

Carter and Son Toolworks 1″ Bowl Scraper

A sturdy bowl scraper produces fine shavings and is optimal for leaving a smooth finish and removing cutter marks. Projects ranging from bowls and platters to boxes and goblets can benefit from a round nose scraper's fine finish.   3/8" thick &…

110-165 Points

Carter and Son Toolworks 1/16″ Parting Tool

Unique design that “steps” the tool down to 1/16” for a strong and slim tool Superior M42 high-speed steel with a 10% cobalt content, for unparalleled edge holding M42 HSS' unique durability and razor edge mean less grinding and…

99-149 Points

Carter and Son Toolworks 3/4″ Skew

Carter and Son Toolworks 3/4" Skew chisels excel at creating a glassy-smooth finish and a variety of other work, including v-cuts and beads. Our skews are ground with a radiused cutting edge and arrive at your shop ready to use.

99-149 Points

Carter and Son Toolworks 3/8″ Bedan

The Carter and Son Toolworks 3/8" Bedan is a very handy tool with a variety of uses such as cutting beads on between centerpieces, forming a chucking foot on a bowl, and making plunge cuts on boxes. 

88-138 Points

Carter and Son Toolworks Aluminum Handles

Strong, maneuverable, chatter-reducing. Those are the qualities we had in mind while designing our handles, and we think we got 'em just right! Aluminum provides a balanced feel, and the comfortable shape fits your hand. Beautifully engraved and polished,…

20-90 Points

Carter and Son Toolworks Double Ended Thread Chaser

Meet the perfected thread chaser - a double-ended tool uniquely designed for easier, precision thread chasing. Machined from premium M42 high-speed steel for the sharpest, strongest edge and sporting a comfortable spherical handle. A unique negative rake…

105 Points

Easy Wood Tools Easy Micro 3-Piece Set

Get a detailed video overview plus review of this 3-piece set plus with Spiracraft’s Bradley McCalister. All three Micro tools from Easy Wood Tools packaged together in a sturdy plastic case. Includes the Easy Rougher, Easy Finisher, and Easy Detailer along…

256 Points