Easy Wood Tools Aluminum Faceplate

The Easy Wood Tools Aluminum Easy Faceplate has a short overall length to keep your work close to the headstock for less vibration and safer turning. Large screw holes mean more holding power and the laser-etched hub lets you quickly identify…


Easy Wood Tools Micro Easy Rougher

  The Easy Wood Tools Micro Easy Rougher finds the fun in small work. This is the precision tool to turn to if you need more control in your smaller creative projects. This tool expands your project possibilities, bringing a whole new level of creativity…

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Easy Wood Tools Mini Easy Detailer

The Easy Wood Tools Mini Easy Detailer is everything you love about the full-size in a mini! This tool spotlights the precision feel and the ability to handle finer detailing while bringing exceptional control in turning small, detailed projects. This is an…

Original price was: $96.49.Current price is: $67.95.
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Easy Wood Tools Mini Easy Finisher

  The Easy Wood Tools Mini Easy Finisher allows you to refine your small projects with this small-size version of the Easy Wood Tools finisher! A precise, easy-to-use version that packs all the punch of the full-size. It cuts inside and outside bowls…

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Grex Genesis XGi3. Essential Set

Grex  XGi3.Genesis Double Action Essential Set. Top Gravity Feed, 0.3mm Nozzle, 7 mL Cup Grex Essential Set airbrushes are created for the budget-conscious artist who still wants to benefit from the Grex airbrush system. As the name implies, these…

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Jackson Safety GPL500 Face Shield

The Jackson Safety GPL500  Face Shield with flip-up detachable face shield features an ultra-soft body design that easily conforms to your face to deliver a snug yet comfortable seal. Indirect vents protect against chemical splash, while…

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The NOVA Pin Accessory Jaw set has a long nose, designed to act as a pin chuck – expanding into a pre-bored hole, a beneficial technique for free-form edged bowls. The jaw-set features a small dovetail to mount small bowls. It is unnecessary to bore an…

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Robert Sorby Bowl Gouge 3/8″ Tool Steel Only

Robert Sorby Bowl Gouge 3/8" Tool Steel Only A must in the tool kit of every bowl turner. These tools are ideal for making bowls. They can produce either massive profiling cuts or delicate finishing cuts as necessary.

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Robert Sorby Modular Micro Spiralling Tool- 370A

Overstock Item: The Robert Sorby Micro Spiralling Tool creates spirals and textured patterns in soft and hard wood. Easily creates barley twists, chequered patterns, hatchings, knurls and rope effect designs to name just some of the numerous shapes that this…

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