Grex Cleaning Brush Set

Grex Cleaning Brush Set


Easy Wood Tools Easy Live Center

Easy Live Center Introducing the new Easy Live Center to the growing line of premium quality products at Easy Wood Tools.  This is a "top of the line" quality accessory for your lathe that, as you would expect, is 100% MADE IN the U.S.A.  Most…


Carter & Son Toolworks Detail Spindle Gouge

Carter & Son Toolworks Detail Spindle Gouge is designed with a shallow flute and swept back grind for tight cuts and details. This unique gouge is a favorite for intricate work.  Superior M42 high speed steel with a 10% cobalt content, for unparalleled…


Carter and Son Toolworks 1 1/4″ Spindle Roughing Gouge

The Carter and Son Toolworks 1 1/4" Spindle Roughing Gouge is a razor-sharp, balanced roughing gouge and the workhorse of your spindle turning. This spindle roughing gouge sports a unique round tang for unique strength and longevity.


Robert Sorby Spiraling System 330

Robert Sorby Spiraling System 330 Spiralling System complete with 4 cutters - 350/0, 350/2, 350/4, 350/6, and 360 Tool Rest Creating barley twists, spirals and flutes have always represented a problem for the woodturner.The Spiralling System (330H) not only…


Carter and Son Toolworks Double Ended Thread Chaser

Meet the perfected thread chaser - a double-ended tool uniquely designed for easier, precision thread chasing. Machined from premium M42 high-speed steel for the sharpest, strongest edge and sporting a comfortable spherical handle. A unique negative rake…


Carter and Son Toolworks 3/4″ Skew

Carter and Son Toolworks 3/4" Skew chisels excel at creating a glassy-smooth finish and a variety of other work, including v-cuts and beads. Our skews are ground with a radiused cutting edge and arrive at your shop ready to use.


Carter and Son Toolworks 1″ Bowl Scraper

A sturdy bowl scraper produces fine shavings and is optimal for leaving a smooth finish and removing cutter marks. Projects ranging from bowls and platters to boxes and goblets can benefit from a round nose scraper's fine finish. 3/8" thick & sports a…


Carter and Son Toolworks 1/16″ Parting Tool

Unique design that “steps” the tool down to 1/16” for a strong and slim tool Superior M42 high-speed steel with a 10% cobalt content, for unparalleled edge holding M42 HSS' unique durability and razor edge mean less grinding and cleaner cuts Handcrafted in…


Carter and Son Toolworks Aluminum Handles

Strong, maneuverable, chatter-reducing. Those are the qualities we had in mind while designing our handles, and we think we got 'em just right! Aluminum provides a balanced feel, and the comfortable shape fits your hand. Beautifully…