Robert Sorby Proedge Honing Kit

The Robert Sorby Proedge Honing Kit uses the abrasive honing wheel, which can be shaped to allow for honing of gouge flutes. The kit includes the abrasive wheel, mandrel, and fasteners. Items are also available individually.

Robert Sorby Proedge Long Grind Jig

Robert Sorby Proedge Long Grind JigUsing the long grind jig on the Fingernail Profiler, Deluxe Universal Sharpening System, or the ProEdge allows for three different types of profiles to be produced on bowl and spindle gouges. It will produce a fingernail profile, a long grind, and an extra-long grind, depending on which location hole the profile arm is used. It fits onto the bar in replacement…

Robert Sorby Spiraling System 330

Robert Sorby Spiraling System 330Spiralling System complete with 4 cutters - 350/0, 350/2, 350/4, 350/6, and 360 Tool RestCreating barley twists, spirals and flutes have always represented a problem for the woodturner.The Spiralling System (330H) not only overcomes many of these difficulties but also allows the turner’s imagination to run wild as he enters a new field of decoration.Based on…

Robert Sorby Fluted Parting Tool 2mm

Robert Sorby Fluted Parting Tool 2mmThis features a radically new and unique cutting profile with a blade profile of only 2mm. The long bevel has a flute which is the cutting face. The small bevel is the sharpening face. When parting off, this unique arrangement causes the tip to always cut at a shear cutting angle of 45°, producing a finish without equal from a parting tool, virtually…

Robert Sorby Proedge Sharpening Belts

Robert Sorby Proedge Aluminium Oxide Sharpening Belts are available in five abrasive materials, including Aluminium Oxide, Zirconium, Ceramic, Trizact, and Diamond. Aluminium Oxide This common abrasive is designed primarily to sharpen carbon steel bench chisels, carving tools, and plane irons but will also hone harder high-speed steel tools. The material longevity is at the lower end of the…

Robert Sorby Fingernail Spindle Gouge 3/8″

Robert Sorby Fingernail Spindle Gouge 3/8" The fingernail shape of this gouge increases flexibility allowing the turner to perform 'pull cuts' without catching the lathe bed. The greater cutting area can be used equally well for heavy profiling cuts or fine, delicate shearing cuts. Easily maintained using the Robert Sorby ProEdge sharpening system.

Robert Sorby Ring Tool HSS 1/2″

The Robert Sorby Ring Tool HSS 1/2" is designed specifically for end-grain hollowing. The dual bevels allow for hollowing internal curved surfaces and flat-bottomed vessels. These tools produce an unrivaled surface finish on the end grain. Ideal for goblets and egg cups. Comes complete with full instructions. Made from high-speed steel and then correctly hardened and tempered. It will keep a…

Robert Sorby 8008LH 1-1/2″ Bowl Finishing Inboard Scraper

They are designed for finishing bowls when working inboard. All heavy-duty scrapers are produced in a massive 1-1/2"x 3/8" (38 mm x 10 mm) section. This means they absorb vibrations and are stable in use, making them ideal for long overhangs over the tool rest when producing deep vessels, large bowls, and platters. Includes handle. Type: 1-1/2" HSS bowl finishing inboard scraper Scraper size:…

Robert Sorby 1/2″ Fingernail Bowl Gouge

The Robert Sorby 1/2" Fingernail Bowl Gouge design increases flexibility when cutting. The 1/2" bowl gouge's greater cutting area can be used equally well for heavy profiling cuts or fine, delicate shearing cuts. The name Robert Sorby is synonymous with woodturning throughout the world, and after 200+ years, Robert Sorby turning tools remain the benchmark standard.

Robert Sorby Slim Parting Tool

Robert Sorby Slim Parting Tool The slim blade allows for a very fine parted section to be achieved. This is especially useful when grain match after parting is required. e.g. parting a lid from its box. The blade is 1¼" deep giving strength to such a thin section which eliminates flex and vibration.