Carter and Son Toolworks – Mike Mahoney Signature Bowl Gouges

Carter and Son Toolworks - Mike Mahoney Signature Bowl Gouges- Professional woodturner Mike Mahoney specializes in bowl turning. His signature grinds are the product of decades of experience. Now you can bring the tools found at Mike’s lathe to your shop!…

99-192 Points

Easy Wood Tools Mid-Size Easy Hollower #1

The Easy Wood Tools Mid-Size Easy Hollower #1 is the first step in hollowing, effectively removing bulk from the interior of projects like vases, bowls, boxes, and ornaments. Great leverage and small enough to reach into small spaces for fine gouging work.…

105-130 Points

Carter and Son Toolworks 3/8″ Bedan

The Carter and Son Toolworks 3/8" Bedan is a very handy tool with a variety of uses such as cutting beads on between centerpieces, forming a chucking foot on a bowl, and making plunge cuts on boxes. 

88-138 Points

Easy Wood Tools Mid-Size Easy Finisher

Learn the ins & outs and get an honest review of working with the Easy Wood Tools Easy Mid-Size Finisher in our instructional video. Cuts left, right and straight in without changing approach angle Requires very little physical strength or exertion Very…

95-120 Points

Easy Wood Tools Mini Easy Rougher

See the Mini Easy Rougher move in our accompanying training video! Precision feel and the ability to remove material in bulk and cut tenons. The Mini Easy Rougher takes a lightning bolt to your bowls. Despite its smaller size, you can rough out massive…

70-90 Points

Woodcut Tools Pro-Forme Flexi Hollowing Tool

The Pro-Forme Flexi is designed for small to medium-sized hollowing projects.  An articulated hollowing tool based on the best hollowing cutter on the market, the Pro-Forme Powerhead. The Pro-Forme Flexi comes with 2 high tensile articulating joints, one…

35-340 Points

Carter & Son Toolworks 1″ Skew

Carter & Son Toolworks 1" Skew chisel excels at creating a glassy-smooth finish and a variety of other work, including v-cuts and beads.  Skews are ground with a radiused cutting edge and arrive at your shop ready to use.

110-175 Points

Easy Wood Tools Easy 1/8″ Parting Tool

The 1/8" Parting Tool features a permanently mounted Negative Rake Carbide Cutter on a replaceable stainless steel blade for smooth, clean parting through all materials. Overall tool length is 19", with a 14" American Maple handle, 2 1/2" blade length, 1/8"…

140 Points

Robert Sorby Spindlemaster

The Robert Sorby Spindlemaster is an important addition to the spindle Turner armory. The Spindle Master is available in either 1/2" or a larger 3/4" version. It can be used to plane, bead, cove, and trim end grain. Easy to use and sharpen. The polished back…

53-58 Points

Easy Wood Tools Pro Easy Hollower #1

The Easy Wood Tools Pro Easy Hollower #1 is the first step in deep handheld hollowing, effectively removing bulk from any large hollowing project's interior. Significant leverage, and sturdy as a "Big Dog" should be. The #1 is a straight post and meant for…

170 Points