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Purchase this item and get 35-175 Points
Purchase this item and get 35-175 Points



2000G Epoxy Gel Resin Epoxy is a 100% solids, low odor resin specially formulated as a high-viscosity gel designed to be thick enough to fill voids without dripping or sagging from a vertical surface.  2000G Epoxy Gel Resin can also be used to create texture on any surface.  While the gel is not glass-clear, its translucence allows it to be combined with Resin Tint, Pearl Pigments, Glitter, and SpinGems to glue, decorate or enhance your project. Epoxy Gel is to be mixed 2 parts Resin “A” with 1 part Hardener “B” – by volume.  It provides approximately 2 hours of pot life and cures in 24 hours.


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