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 Easy Chuck

The Easy Wood Tools Easy Chuck 4″ Diameter woodturning chuck is the first-ever patented quick-change woodturning lathe 4 jaw chuck. The Easy Chuck includes two important features that when combined contribute to effortless and lightning-fast jaw changes: the Zoom Ring and Snap-Lock Technology. The Zoom Ring on the rear of the chuck gives you the ability to open and close the jaw quickly to various gripping diameters with just your fingertips. Use the Zoom Ring to bring the jaws into position to lightly grab your project then use the supplied T-handle Chuck Key for final and secure tightening. Easy Jaw Snap-Lock Technology allows you to change the set of 4 jaws to the next set in less than 30 seconds. The Easy Chuck uses no screws or wrenches to exchange jaws. Simply use the Jaw Key to depress a keeper latch in the jaw and then effortlessly slide each jaw out. You then slide the next jaw type in place until you hear the jaws snap in place. No more fumbling with set screws or worrying about installing jaws in the proper order. A wide variety of accessory jaws is sold separately which allows you to use the Easy Chuck for a wide variety of project applications. Easy Chuck System Includes a set of 1 3/8” Easy Dovetail Jaws for gripping 1 3/8” tenons with an overall expansion of 2”.  Stainless Steel Easy Chucking Screw with ½” x 1” threads on one end and 3/8” x 3/4“ on the other. Chuck Key – 5/16″ Hex T-Handle. Jaw Key – 1/8″ Hex Ball Driver.  Spindle Washer to allow easy removal of chuck from the lathe.  Spare Hub Set Screws.  Spare Master Jaw Springs. Owner’s manual. The Woodturning System DVD

Warranty: Defects, 2 Years Parts & Labor


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