• Ci0 Round Carbide cutter
  • 24.5” overall length
  • ToolBar length 1/2”x 8-1/2”
  • Reach over tool rest: 4”
  • 16” Maple handle
Purchase this item and get 113-140 Points
Purchase this item and get 113-140 Points



The Easy Wood Tools Full-Size Easy Finisher, with its 16-inch Maple handle and milled stainless shaft, the Full-Size Easy Finisher is an attractive addition to your toolbox that makes short work of your most challenging woodworking projects. Precision feel and the ability to cut inside and outside on bowls. This safe, low-effort tool can cut left, right, and straight in without changing the approach angle. Reduced handle bounce, no bevels to ride, and no fear of dangerous catching, just razor-sharp cuts!

This is an American-made, ½” carbide woodturning tool with a solid stainless steel bar stock.

What we love: The Easy Finisher reduces strain and fatigue, improves productivity, and virtually eliminates sharpening by making use of the carbide cutter technology as all the Easy Wood Tools. It comes loaded with one round cutter — when it gets dull, rotate the cutter for a fresh blade.

Good to know: Keep an extra fresh Ci-0 cutter on hand for your final finish cuts and a Ci-0-NR for your resin and acrylics turning.


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