Easy Wood Tools Mid-Size Easy Finisher with Instruction & Review Video.

Ci3 Round Carbide cutter

21” overall length

ToolBar length 3/8”x 7”

Reach over tool rest: 2”

14” Maple handle

Purchase this item and get 102-129 Points
Purchase this item and get 102-129 Points



The Easy Wood Tools Mid-Size Easy Finisher cuts left, right, and straight in without changing the approach angle. Requires very little physical strength or exertion Very minimal handle bouncing on irregularly shaped blanks No intimidating cutting angles to learn and remember No bevels to ride No fear of a dangerous catch Precision feel and the ability to cut inside and outside on bowls. Turn beads and coves on spindle work 3/8” Carbide woodturning tools for all skill levels Genuine Easy Wood Tools cutters Solid stainless steel bar stock. Rotate the cutter for a new sharp edge. Made in the USA, 100% satisfaction guaranteed


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