• Ci5-NR round Carbide cutter
  • 15 1/4” overall length
  • ToolBar length 5/16”x 3 1/4”
  • Reach over tool rest: 2”
  • 12” Maple handle
Purchase this item and get 107 Points
Purchase this item and get 107 Points


The Easy Wood Tools Mini Easy Hollower #2 is specifically made for small hollow forms like vases, boxes, and ornaments. The #2 features a 45-degree curve designed to reach the 11 o’clock position and get below the curve of a vessel.

This is an American-made, 5/16” carbide woodturning tool with a solid stainless steel bar stock.

We love: The slight curve of this tool lets you start the curved portion of your small hollowed form.

Good to know: This is a small tool meant for small objects — it may hold up to larger projects, but you’ll have better luck with a larger tool.


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