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Turn resin or acrylic with confidence! The Negative Rake Carbide Cutters are a game changer!

They create smooth, safe, continuous cuts and make turning man-made materials and super hardwoods safer and easier.

There is a Negative Rake Carbide Cutter available for all tools in the Easy Wood Tools line.

Purchase this item and get 17-30 Points
Purchase this item and get 17-30 Points



Negative rake carbide cutters enhance your acrylic resin turning experience. Easy Wood Tools were the first to create a Negative Rake Carbide Cutter™ (patent pending). Rake is the angle of a tool relative to its cutting surface, and most turning tools have a zero (or neutral) rake.

These tips have a negative rake, so the face of the cutting tool slopes away from the cutting edge. The geometry makes a cut less aggressive, therefore safer; the negative rake angle virtually eliminates chatter and chipping. It’s physics: a negative rake simply can’t catch.

The negative rake cutter can also provide a substantial cutting quality to very hard, dense woods. Many turners also find them more forgiving when cutting inside while hollowing

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