Easy Wood Tools® transformed the woodturning world with replaceable carbide cutters designed specifically for woodturning. They keep you turning instead of sharpening and they have a lower total cost of ownership.

Grade, Grind, and Geometry: these are the 3G’s of the perfect carbide cutter. As the industry experts with over 60 years of experience in the carbide field, Easy Wood Tools has developed the best combination of these variables and designed the sharpest and longest lasting edge featuring:

  • Optimum grade of carbide for the longest-lasting sharp cutting edge.

  • A proprietary grinding process that results in the sharpest edge possible.

  • Precision ground finish.



The standard carbide cutters are manufactured by Easy Wood Tools, the only carbide insert tool manufacturer to do so. These standard profile cutters provide an excellent value and long life. Designed for use on all woods hard or soft with the perfect cutting edge geometry for a clean, crisp surface with every cut. When turning acrylic resins we recommend switching over to the Easy Wood Tools Negative Rake carbide cutters.

When one side of the cutter gets dull, simply turn it to a new side and continue turning. When all sides are used, you simply replace the cutter. You’ll devote more time to turning instead of sharpening your tools. 

Easily find the carbide cutter that fits your tools, the corresponding cutter number is marked on the tool shaft of every Easy Wood Tool. Each cutter comes with a new mounting screw.


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