Nick Agar Signature Series Web-FX

Web-FX™The Nick Agar Signature Series Web-FX is a special effect paint designed to give a lacy, web-pattern effect offering texture and depth to various projects for woodworkers.  Use a steady spray for a calligraphic effect, or use an intermittent spray to…

10 Points

Chroma-Craft Pearlescent Powder

Pearlescent Powders provide an array of vibrant colors for mixing in casting resins, paints (water or solvent-based), and glues.  Even though many of the pearlescent colors look like metal, they do not tarnish or change colors.  Mix the powders to…

6 Points

Nick Agar Signature Series Infil Stencil

The Nick Agar Signature Series Infil Stencil allows you to create a vast array of effects on its own or used in conjunction with the Nick Agar Signature Series peel-off stencils. Add veins in leaves, details to butterfly wings, textures, and much more. The…

25-35 Points

Clear Acrylic Spray Lacquer

Chroma Craft Clear Acrylic Spray Lacquer is perfect for a long-lasting finish that both beautifies and protects your work from harmful UV rays.  This crystal clear formulation provides exceptional durability and even coating with the convenience of an…

11 Points
Woodcut Tools Max4 Bowl Coring System

Bowlsaver Max4 Bowl Coring System

The Woodcut Tools Bowlsaver Max4 Bowl Coring System. Bowlsaver Max4 Bowl Coring System is everything needed to start coring a wide range of shapes and sizes of bowls from 3″ up to 18″ in diameter. All three heavy-duty…

1800 Points

Starbond Cyanoacrylate (CA) Glue

Starbond was founded in 1988 and has been supplying industrial-grade cyanoacrylate adhesives (CA) for industries such as woodturning, dental lab, paleontology, lapidary, screen printing, and 3D rapid prototyping. As one of the most reliable suppliers of…

9-43 Points

Nick Agar Signature Series Acrylic Fine Detail & Airbrush Paint

The Nick Agar Signature Series Fine Detail and Airbrush Paint is a smooth, acrylic pigmented formula. It provides professional results on wood, metal, fabric, paper, and many other surfaces. It is water-based and can be brushed or sprayed on "as is" or…

4-7 Points

Nick Agar Signature Series Peel-Off Stencils

The Nick Agar Signature Series Peel-Off Stencils are made for creating beautiful patterns and images on your woodworking and decorating projects. Nick has worked closely with Chroma Craft to develop the design and detail to produce just the right shape and…

13-30 Points
Group 1 threaded brass ring set

Threaded Brass Rings For Vessels

Threaded Brass Rings for Vessels are perfect for making vessels, jars, urns, and lidded boxes. The rings consist of one male thread and one female thread featuring a cross-hatched exterior textured surface. This cross-hatched texture provides double the area…

21-69 Points

Woodcut Tools Bowlsaver Light Guide

The Woodcut Tools Bowlsaver Light Guide works with the Bowlsaver and Max4 bowl coring systems. It is perfect for obtaining predictable bowl shapes prior to the coring process. Rotating the arm of the light attachment shows the path the cutter will take traced…

240 Points