About Us

The story of Spiracraft, until recently, was also the story of our intrepid founder, and entrepreneur, Bradley McCalister. Bradley has built and grown his companies around products made by skilled craftsmen. In several circles, Bradley himself is well known to be one of the best craftsmen in the world… so it stands to reason that he has a lot of knowledge to share, and great stories to tell.

Eventually, after his second successful business, Bradley realized that there just weren’t enough men like him left in the world! So he set out to train them, to equip them, to mentor them, and to be their foundation for future successes. To Bradley, woodturning is a passion, but it is also an opportunity to practice patience, manners, and well honed skills… all while having a good time.

Spiracraft was established in 2018 to end the idea that woodturning techniques can only be mastered through blood, sweat and tears. We’re turning everything around by making education and wood turning entertainment standard with every purchase through the release of hundreds upon hundreds of product-specific demo’s, reviews, and trainings, and also via our weekly broadcast of the latest Monday Methods turning techniques with Bradley.

To date, our company and our founder have trained over 35,000 woodturners across the United States, and have been endorsed and sponsored by The American Association of Woodturners as well as several major tool companies, and we’ve sold quite a few woodturning supplies as well!

At Spiracraft, we stand on three promises:

  1. We listen to what you need, and deliver it.
  2. We support your dreams and guide your inner artist.
  3. We provide accurate, progressive woodturning education.

If you want to thank us, or help us serve you more effectively, please do not hesitate to call, email, or comment. Or, if you like our story and want to let us know you read it, feel free to use the discount code ABOUT at checkout for a special surprise.