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Robert Sorby SteadyPro

The Robert Sorby SteadyPro is a very easy-to-use jig that gives additional tool support when hollowing and many other woodturning operations. The versatile SteadyPro fits a wide range of woodturning lathes by utilizing the stems from the Robert Sorby modular…

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Robert Sorby Modular Tool Posts-Stems

The Robert Sorby Tool Posts-Stems modular tool rest system enables the turner to build up a collection of tool rests and posts/Stems without going to great expense. Stems are currently available from Spiracraft in  5/8" X 3.1/2", and 1" X 4.3/4",…

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NOVA Nebula Outboard Outrigger System – Bed Extention

The NOVA outrigger for the Nebula lathe will increase your out board turning capacity to 35" The tool rest and banjo are included with  the Nebula lathe. The Nebula bed extension is required for Outrigger use. SKU: 55262 The NOVA Nebula bed…

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NOVA Galaxi 16″- 44″ Wood Lathe

The NOVA Galaxi wood turning lathe combines the best features of larger wood lathes – power, capacity, and capability with state-of-the-art technology to ensure your turning is more efficient, safer, and fun! The NOVA Galaxi DVR™ (DIGITAL VARIABLE…

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Robert Sorby Revolving Stebcenter

The Robert Sorby Stebcenter is an invaluable accessory for every woodturner. Fitted in the lathe tailstock, it is a boon for both the novice and the experienced. Its ring of sharp teeth ensures that the Stebcentre bites the wood to give it moresecurity and…

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NOVA Nebula 18″ Smart Direct Drive Lathe

NOVA Nebula 18" Smart Direct Drive Lathe The new Nebula wood lathe from NOVA/TEKNATOOL is packed with many practical features and a DVR drive concept that has been tried and tested thousands of times. There are no belts to change, and optimal power is…

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Rotur Rotating Live Centers

Rotur Rotating Live Centers are machined from high-quality EN8M Steel. The Rotur Standard Duty Rotating Centre is an excellent general-purpose center. It features a 1 1/4" diameter head with a 60-degree point. The sharp point can easily penetrate the timber…

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Rotur 4 Prong Drive Centers

Rotur 4 Prong Drive Centers are suitable for a wide range of work between centers. The sizes available are micro 3/8", mini 1/2", mid 5/8", standard 1", and Jumbo 1-1/2". All drives feature incredibly sharp points and prongs to quickly penetrate the wood for…

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NOVA Flexible Point Steb Drive Centers

The NOVA Flexible Point Steb Drive Center is a clever design popular among spindle turners. The “Flexible Point” spring-loaded center point allows you to set your workpiece in place (or remove it) with the lathe turning. Your workpiece spins when…

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NOVA Chuck Faceplate Rings

The NOVA Chuck Faceplate Rings is an accessory designed to expand the range and capacity of your standard NOVA Chuck for specific projects and applications. Available to fit chuck Jaw Sets of 2". 4", and 5" to provide a robust and fast method for mounting of…

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