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AccuRight® Circle Cutter Material Support Block

Adding the material support block to any existing AccuRight® Circle Cutter will give the user increased support near the blade for added control when cutting heavier material like blanks for turnings. Comes will all hardware needed to mount on your…


Ride The Bevel Turning Tees

Ride The Bevel with one of our custom woodturning Tees. They are super comfortable, 5.3 oz. 100% cotton made. These long-lasting T-shirts are great for turning in your shop or studio, attending the next club meeting, or live demonstration. Let everyone know…


Spiracraft Wrapper Turning Jacket

The Spiracraft Wrapper Turning Jacket is ultra-light, made with 100% nylon fabric in the USA. This turning jacket has free-flow underarm mesh panels to keep you cool even on the hottest days. A heavy-duty nylon front zipper and flexible ribbed collar keep you…


Jackson Safety GPL500 Face Shield

The Jackson Safety GPL500  Face Shield with flip-up detachable face shield features an ultra-soft body design that easily conforms to your face to deliver a snug yet comfortable seal. Indirect vents protect against chemical splash, while…


Robert Sorby Inside/Outside Calipers

Robert Sorby Inside/Outside Calipers allows not only the measurement of wall thickness but also inside dimensions like the size of an aperture. As with all double-ended calipers, the measurement at one end automatically transfers to the…


Robert Sorby Double Ended Calipers

Robert Sorby Double Ended Calipers are an indispensable addition to the turner's tool kit for measuring both wall thickness and diameters. Because of their design the measurement taken at one end automatically transfers to the opposite end.This enables…


Forstner Bits Coming Soon

 Forstner Bits Coming Soon


Drill Bits Coming Soon

Drill Bits Coming Soon