Easy Wood Tools Easy 1/8″ Parting Tool

The 1/8" Parting Tool features a permanently mounted Negative Rake Carbide Cutter on a replaceable stainless steel blade for smooth, clean parting through all materials. Overall tool length is 19", with a 14" American Maple handle, 2 1/2" blade length,…


AccuRight® Circle Cutter Material Support Block

Adding the material support block to any existing AccuRight® Circle Cutter will give the user increased support near the blade for added control when cutting heavier material like blanks for turnings. Comes will all hardware needed to mount on your…


NOVA G3 LITE Chuck Insert Version

The Nova 48286 G3 Lite kit is an economical four-jaw self-centering chuck with a one-handed, keyed operation. Suitable for lathes with up to 14'' of swing over the bed, it's packed with unique Nova features like composite indexing back, auto-stop, copper…


NOVA Chuck Insert/Adapter

Adapt your Insert Type NOVA chuck to any lathe. Allows you to keep the same chuck and accessories if you change your lathe. You only need to change the insert/adapter. The internal thread is 1″ x 8TPI RH and the external thread matches the NOVA insert…


NOVA 100mm/4″ Chuck Jaw Set

The NOVA 100mm/4″ Chuck Jaw Set is one of the most popular jaws to mount 12-14″ bowls.  They are built with a turning dovetail profile to maximize strength without jeopardizing wood fibers and can hold both in contraction and expansion…


NOVA Supernova2 LITE Chuck Insert Version

The Nova Supernova2 Lite is a four-jaw self-centering geared chuck that's suitable for a wide variety of lathes with up to 20'' of swing over the bed. Packed with unique Nova features like composite indexing back, auto-stop, copper composite jaw slides,…


Ride The Bevel Turning Tees

Ride The Bevel with one of our custom woodturning Tees. They are super comfortable, 5.3 oz. 100% cotton made. These long-lasting T-shirts are great for turning in your shop or studio, attending the next club meeting, or live demonstration. Let everyone know…


⅜” -16 Knurled Brass Insert 6-pack

⅜" -16 Knurled Brass Insert 6-pack


Robert Sorby Spindlemaster

The Robert Sorby Spindlemaster is an important addition to the spindle Turner armory. The Spindle Master is available in either 1/2" or a larger 3/4" version. It can be used to plane, bead, cove, and trim end grain. Easy to use and sharpen. The polished back…


Easy Wood Tools Pro Easy Hollower #1

The Easy Wood Tools Pro Easy Hollower #1 is the first step in deep handheld hollowing, effectively removing bulk from any large hollowing project's interior. Significant leverage, and sturdy as a "Big Dog" should be. The #1 is a straight post and meant for…