Woodcut Tools Little Wonder Cup Tool

The Little Wonder Cup Tool is an easy-to-use woodturning tool designed to cut small end-grain goblets, bowls, boxes, and vases cutting from the inside outwards. This product cuts on its side with the bevel rubbing, slicing cleanly around the bottom curve of…


Woodcut Tools Bowlsaver Coring System

The Woodcut Tools Bowlsaver Coring System accurately removes a perfect bowl every time. A long-lasting Stellite cutter will produce up to 500 bowls and works with green or seasoned wood. It is the…

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Woodcut tools handles

Woodcut Tools Handles

Woodcut Tools Handles. The Woodcut Tools 1/2" Diameter Tool Handle is ideal for the; Little Wonder Tool, Bowlsaver Standard, Irons Shear Scraper, and Pro-Forme Flexi products. A comfortable rubber grip allows you to use it for long periods without cramping…


Woodcut Tools Tru-Grind Stem Sharpener

The Woodcut Tools Tru-Grind Stem Sharpener safely and securely holds High-Speed Steel and Carbide cutters when sharpening. Designed to secure cup, disk, and flat profiles up to 25mm without having to grasp them dangerously in your hands. Resharpening your…


NOVA Chuck Insert/Adapter

Adapt your Insert Type NOVA chuck to any lathe. Allows you to keep the same chuck and accessories if you change your lathe. You only need to change the insert/adapter. The internal thread is 1″ x 8TPI RH and the external thread matches the NOVA insert…


Starbond Cyanoacrylate (CA) Glue

Starbond was founded in 1988 and has been supplying industrial-grade cyanoacrylate adhesives (CA) for industries such as woodturning, dental lab, paleontology, lapidary, screen printing, and 3D rapid prototyping. As one of the most reliable suppliers of…

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Nick Agar Signature Series Peel-Off Stencils

The Nick Agar Signature Series Peel-Off Stencils are made for creating beautiful patterns and images on your woodworking and decorating projects. Nick has worked closely with Chroma Craft to develop the design and detail to produce just the right shape and…

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Nick Agar Signature Series Infil Stencil

The Nick Agar Signature Series Infil Stencil allows you to create a vast array of effects on its own or used in conjunction with the Nick Agar Signature Series peel-off stencils. Add veins in leaves, details to butterfly wings,…

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Hampshire Sheen Embellishing Waxes

Hampshire Sheen Embellishing Waxes. For those who want to add an extra touch of beauty to their creations, our embellishing waxes are a fantastic option. These waxes are specifically designed to achieve outstanding results on open-grained woods and surfaces…


Hampshire Sheen Gloss Finishing & MicroCrystalline Wax

Hampshire Sheen Gloss Finishing Wax is the perfect way to give your woodturning a showroom-quality finish. Formulated with carnauba and microcrystalline waxes, it creates a super-tough, glossy coating on your wood pieces that is…