Purchase this item and get 22 Points
Purchase this item and get 22 Points



The AccuRight Center Master SOLO allows woodworkers who already have a non-Carter circle jig to precisely mount circular lathe blanks (for bowl turning, hollow form projects, etc.)

After you have cut your blank and drilled a ¼” center hole, the AccuRight Center Master SOLO makes it possible to mount these blanks precisely centered onto a lathe faceplate, thus minimizing vibration and getting your project off to a quick and safe start.

The AccuRight Center Master SOLO includes the Center Master faceplate adaptor mounting jig to ensure the finished blank’s perfect centering. The Center Master SOLO is thread-specific, so make sure you order the correct size for your faceplate. If you also need the mounting plate for your Carter AccuRight Circle Jig, consider purchasing the Center Master Blank Creation System.


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