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The Specs

  • 12 or 16 TPI Available
  • Blade measures 9” long
  • Includes spherical handle 
Purchase this item and get 94 Points
Purchase this item and get 94 Points


The Carter and Son Toolworks Double-Ended Thread Chaser is the perfected thread chaser – a double-ended tool uniquely designed for more manageable, precision thread chasing. The thread chaser is machined from premium M42 high-speed steel for the sharpest, most potent edge and features a comfortable spherical handle. 

Adding hand-chased threads to your lidded boxes lends an old-world charm and a distinct sign of pride in one’s work. Undoubtedly, a turned wooden piece with hand-chased threads is the mark of a remarkable craftsman.

The Carter and Son Toolworks Double-Ended Thread Chaser is designed with a comfortable aluminum handle that doesn’t get in the way of your threading but allows for control and maneuverability. A unique negative rake angle above the teeth for the sharpest cutting edge. The unique “whale tale” design provides added clearance as you approach the body of the workpiece. 
Meticulously machined & polished for smooth movement along the tool rest. Our double-ended design means you enjoy a quality thread chaser. 
Handcrafted in the USA and backed by a lifetime guarantee & hassle-free returns


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