Perfect for bowl and spigot projects. Expanded dovetail and reverse dovetail holds for gripping footed bowls.

  • Made from K1045 steel
  • The standard Woodworm Screw (included with Nova chucks) can be used with these jaws.
  • Designed so the jaws cut into the wood, grip firmly in the contraction mode and provide high tear-out strength.
  • Special Nova dovetail profile.  Designed for maximum strength and hold in woodturning without crushing wood fibers.

Expanding Grip

69.9mm (2.75”) – 89.9mm (3.54”)

Contracting Grip

Square: 65mm (2.56”) – 36.8mm (1.45“)

Spigot: 77mm (3.03”) – 56mm (2.20”)

Actual sizes may vary depending on which NOVA chuck is being used.

WARRANTY: 6-Years Full Replacement

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The NOVA 70mm (2.75″) Jaw Set fits all of the Nova chucks, allowing you to interchange the jaws across all chuck models to achieve different capacities. Add even greater versatility to your G3, Supernova2, and Titan chucks. This 70mm (2.75″) jaw set allows you to fill the gap left between 50mm(2″) and 100mm(4″) jaws. They are built with a turning dovetail profile to maximize strength without jeopardizing wood fibers and can hold both in contraction and expansion modes. High tensile 1045 steel makes up the JS70N for precise closing, durability, and long life. Comes with 4 jaw segments and instructions. Uses the standard fasteners that come with your NOVA Chuck.


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