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  • Maximum Between Centers 26”
  • Turning diameter over bed 18.”
  • Headstock – Rotatable and slidable
  • Magnetic control box
  • Motor – HP 2.3 (220v)
  • Forward/reverse rotation
  • Speed – RPM 100 – 5000 Automatic
  • Digital Speed Readout

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Weight: 496lbs

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NOVA Nebula 18″ Smart Direct Drive Lathe

The new Nebula wood lathe from NOVA/TEKNATOOL is packed with many practical features and a DVR drive concept that has been tried and tested thousands of times.

There are no belts to change, and optimal power is developed, even at low speeds, thanks to the direct DVR drive. The head can be rotated and moved. All major components (bed, headstock, tailstock, and base) are solid grey cast iron.

Details of the Smart Direct Drive:

The special feature of this unique drive concept is the Digital Variable Reluctance (DVR) motor mounted in the head with direct drive and extremely smooth but powerful power transmission to the spindle.

Especially at low speeds, the system ensures the best possible power at the spindle, which facilitates turning large and/or unbalanced workpieces.
Since no belt is installed, there is no need to preset a speed range by moving the belt, and there is no power loss, as is the case with many other machines.

The user interface of the digital display can be set to English, German, or French and is very user-friendly and logically structured.

The motor speed can be controlled or adjusted with the rotary/pushbutton on the head control panel or with the rotary button on the mobile magnetic control box:

For the speed adjustment on the spindle, a distinction is made between quick adjustment (pressing the speed knob while turning) and fine adjustment (turning the speed knob without pressing).

The magnetic control box is programmed as a “slave” to the control panel on the head. The speed can be set via the rotary knob in 20 or 50-rpm increments (depending on the speed range). In addition, the magnetic control box contains the “ON” function (switch on by pressing the “ON” button for two sec.) and an EMERGENCY STOP function (EMERGENCY STOP mushroom button with locking function).

All other functions are operated or set via the control panel on the head:

A total of 8 speeds are pre-programmed, which can be selected directly or reprogrammed as required. This significantly increases comfort when working.
The individual functions are acoustically supported and thus enhance the intuitive operability of the machine and offer additional safety, e.g., switching from forward to reverse.

The NOVA Nebula 18″ DVR Wood Lathe has a vibration sensor function that switches the machine off in the event of strong vibrations for the user’s safety (can be preset in 3 stages, depending on the requirements) and the nature of the workpiece).

A timer function facilitates the drying of a machined workpiece – the rotary movement dries the surface of the workpiece evenly, and the machine switches itself off after the preset time.

An idle detection function switches the machine off after a few minutes of idle time – this prevents the machine from running unattended for long periods.

When the machine switches off, the braking force can be set individually via the menu.

The speed diagram can be used to pre-select the type of cut (e.g., roughing) and to gain direct access to the recommended speed, which can then be adjusted via the speed control.

The font size on the main screen can be changed between “normal” and “large.”

The lathe can be locked with a password to prevent unauthorized start-up.

Standard accessories: Drive center, Revolving center, Faceplate 6″, Tool rest 10″, Magnetic control box, Tool tray with mat


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