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Robert Sorby Patriot Chuck Pen Jaws

These Jaws will hold your pen blank central so you can drill on the lathe. Designed to fit a Robert Sorby Patriot chuck and Supernova chuck.
Pen Jaws allow for easier and more controlled drilling of pen shafts. A specially machined ‘V’ groove in each of the two jaws ensures a more secure and firmer grip, while drilling on the lathe enables the turner to hold the pen blank on center, allowing for more accurate drilling and a greater control of the process.

The two jaws are quickly and easily mounted onto the chuck face, directly opposite of each other, with two clamping screws.To use, mount a drill chuck into the tailstock of your lathe and slide up the drill bit to the pen blank mounted in the pen jaws. Lock down the tail stock and wind and drill out the hole to take the brass tube. By drilling blanks on a lathe the turner has more control over motor speed and a much better control of the feed speed. These jaws are also compatible with Nova and super Nova Chucks


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