• A gauge to set the chisel extension when using the fingernail jig on the PROEDGE Sharpening System
  • The extension sets the grind angle on the bowl or spindle gouge. 35 and 45 degrees are the most common grind angles.
  • Helps you achieve the exact bevel angle on any fingernail or long grind gouge when used in conjunction with the fingernail profiling arm.

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The Robert Sorby Proedge Angle Set takes the guesswork out of choosing the correct bevel angle when sharpening bowl and spindle gouges with the Robert Sorby® Pro Edge™ Angle Set. To set the desired angle, place the Gouge Jig against the front edge of the Angle Set and adjust the tool blade to touch the desired angle and tighten. This simple process guarantees you get the exact angle every time. Pro Edge™ Angle Set includes a FREE reference sticker with recommended bevel angles for sharpening.


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