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  • 1/2″ Diameter Tool Handle
  • Pro-Master 20″ spigot-ended handle

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Woodcut Tools Handles.

The Woodcut Tools 1/2″ Diameter Tool Handle is ideal for the; Little Wonder Tool, Bowlsaver Standard, Irons Shear Scraper, and Pro-Forme Flexi products. A comfortable rubber grip allows you to use it for long periods without cramping your hands and provides excellent tool control.

The Woodcut Tools Pro-Master 20″ spigot-ended handle is designed to fit your 5/8″ Pro-Forme shaft. It has a comfortable cushioned grip for long periods at the lathe, and two handles (or more) can be fitted together for extra length if required. The Pro-Master handles feature a padded foam grip for comfort and a 5/8″ end spigot to add further handles the deeper you go. The Pro-Master works great with the Woodcut Tools Irons Tool Rest for deeper hollowing. Rigidity is a must when hollowing; for vessels deeper than 10″, slide the 5/8″ shaft back up into the handle; the 1-1/8″ handle now becomes the shaft; you can add additional Pro-Master handles you go deeper to suit your particular application.

The Woodcut Tools  Twin Collet Handle is a deluxe 16-inch quick-change handle with two collets for 9-10mm shafts and 12-13mm shafts. The collet holds the tools securely without marring them. A twist of the collar loosens or tightens the tool. The second collet is conveniently stored inside the back end of the handle with a magnet. The Twin Collet Handle features a comfortable rubber grip and measures 1-1/4″ in diameter by 17″. The handle includes 3/8″ and 1/2″ Collets.

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