• Precision machined from 1045 high tensile steel
  • Positive positional locking at any position
  • 360 deg. rotation on two separate axes
  • Vacuum chuck compatible.
  • Available in 3 spindle sizes and ” Body Only”
Purchase this item and get 200-290 Points
Purchase this item and get 200-290 Points



The Woodcut Tools Pro-Mount Carving Stand allows you to secure a turning for embellishment or inspection. The carving stand comes with a bench stand (incl. bench plate and 1″ tool post), Pro-Mount Body, and Spindle adapter.

The Woodcut Tools Pro-Mount Carving Stand is far more than a carving stand. Choose the correct spindle for your lathe, and this gives you the option of mounting a woodturning chuck with the same thread onto the Pro-Mount. Turners can screw a freshly turned bowl directly onto the Pro-Mount for embellishment and decoration.


  • 360 Degree Rotation – Two independent locking levers allows you to rotate your work horizontally and vertically. The outer lever controls the horizontal axis rotation allowing you to turn the piece a full 360 deg. The inner handle controls the vertical axis of 360 deg.
  •    There is a tremendous advantage in adjusting your work one plane at a time.
  • Sturdy and versatile – Once the levers are locked, your work will not move, and carving or decorating can commence. The bench stand has provisions that allow mounting on your bench, wall, a milling machine cross slide, or pillar drill (press) table.
  •  A freshly turned vessel can be moved onto the Pro-Mount while remaining in the chuck right off the lathe. It can then be put directly back onto the lathe to finish turning once completing your embellishment or carving.
  •  An extensive user guide booklet with your Pro-Mount is included in the box. User guides and demonstration videos are also available.
  • The Woodcut Tools Pro-Mount Carving Stand spindle has a hole through the center and a 1/4″ BSP thread at its base for an airline fitting. This gives the option of using a vacuum chuck as a means of work holding.
  • Pro-Mount Bench Stand – For fitting and securing on any fixed surface, i.e., workshop bench or wall.
  • Tool Post – To attach your Pro-Mount directly to your lathe. For connecting your Pro-Mount to your lathe or workspace:

​The bench stands post doubles as a 1″ tool post with a 1/2 inch UNF, which offers the choice of mounting your Pro-Mount on your lathes banjo. Each lathe requires a different diameter tool post, so if you require another size tool post, you will need to purchase this separately.

Available options for the Woodcut Tools Pro-Mount Carving Stand attaching your carving project to your Pro-Mount:

  •  Carvers Plate – For directly attaching your carving project to the Pro-Mount carving stand. Sold separately or as part of the Woodcut Tools Pro-Mount Carving Stand Complete System




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