The Woodcut Tools Tru-Grind Sturdy Rest System provides the answer you have been looking for in an adjustable flat sharpening base system.

When at the grinder, it is desirable to have sturdy, easy-to-adjust tool rest that supports the tool. Some are a bit lacking with the stock tool rest. A fully adjustable, heavy-duty tool rest can make the tool grinding and sharpening a breeze. The Woodcut Tools Sturdy Rest is a valuable addition to the Tru-Grind sharpening system. It conveniently pivots down out of the way when not required, allowing you to use the jig for your gouges and other turning tools. Available to fit on your grinder’s left-hand or right-hand side, you will wonder how you managed without it.

The Woodcut Tools Sturdy Rest is made from thick plate steel to eliminate flexing and easily mounts underneath your standard bench grinder at either wheel. The system incorporates two pivot points with our Tru-grind tool holder to shape and sharpen all Woodturning and Wood Carving tools.

The ultimate sharpening center will incorporate a base under each wheel, one for shaping (using a 60 grit wheel) and one on the other side for finishing (using a 120 grit wheel). An extra Base slide is available by itself for this purpose.

Available with or without the sliding base.


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