Starbond Mica Powder Pigment Kits

Starbond Mica Powder Pigment Kits add a splash of color to any craft with our Mica Powder Pigment palette sets. These setscombine elegance and versatility with colors handpicked for their incredible luster and usefulnessin a wide range of applications. Of…

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Starbond Matte Colored Pigments

Starbond Matte Colored Pigment jars are the perfect choice for those looking for long-lasting colorthat won't fade or discolor over time. Designed to retain their vibrant colors and provide exceptionaldurability, our Matte Colored Pigments offer superior…

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Chroma-Craft Pearlescent Powder

Pearlescent Powders provide an array of vibrant colors for mixing in casting resins, paints (water or solvent-based), and glues.  Even though many of the pearlescent colors look like metal, they do not tarnish or change colors.  Mix the powders to…

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