Wood Stabilizing Resin

Best Value Vacs brand wood stabilizing resin gives the user the ability to save woods that would not normally be used for turning like old punky woods or woods that are stock and brittle. Woods that easily crack, check, and split like spalted woods can now…

80 Points

Resin Tint Color Concentrate

 Resin Tint Color Concentrates are extremely versatile color dispersions used for coloring both epoxy and polyester resin. The UV stable pigments are dispersed in a medium that will cure within the resin to become permanent. Blend the colors to produce…

7-34 Points

VE Series Vacuum Pumps

The VE series vacuum pumps offer an excellent vacuum pump at a very reasonable cost for all your degassing and wood stabilizing vacuum chamber needs. The features include an internal check valve, oil mist filter cap, and larger oil reservoir for longer oil…

130-275 Points

Extractors Choice Premium Vacuum Pump Oil

Extractors Choice Premium Vacuum Pump Oil provides maximum performance and pumping efficiency. For the best pump life, you should change the oil after every evacuation. After the evacuation, the oil contains contaminants that limit pump efficiency. Extractors…

21 Points

Glass Vac Aluminum Vacuum Chamber

This is a complete BestValueVac® vacuum chamber setup designed built and 100% tested in Naperville, Illinois. With our unique patent-pending gasket design this chamber is sure to last 10,000 uses with proper care and maintenance. The gasket itself is…

144-234 Points

Stabilizing Resin Dye Coming Soon

Stabilizing Resin Dye Coming Soon


Resin Casting Pressure Pots Coming Soon

Resin Casting Pressure Pots Coming Soon