Robert Sorby Proedge Honing Wheel

The Sorby ProEdge Honing Wheel is a coarse abrasive honing wheel for Sorby's ProEdge Sharpening System. It can be shaped to hone fluted tools, making it especially useful for putting the final polished edge on carving tools. The Honing Wheel Arbor (#49816) is…

50 Points

Robert Sorby Proedge Skew Jig

The Robert Sorby ProEdge Skew Chisel Jig is properly angled to slide smoothly back and forth in the slot of the tool rest of the Sorby ProEdge Sharpening System to sharpen turning tool skews precisely. Made from durable steel. NOTE: This item is included in…

24 Points

Robert Sorby Proedge Premium Square Guide

The Robert Sorby Proedge Premium Square Guide raises the tool away from the tool platform. Using a set square or triangle, adjust the bar to ensure a perfectly accurate position for sharpening all your chisels and plane blades on the ProEdge System.

30 Points

Robert Sorby Proedge Bufffing Mop & Pigtail

The Robert Sorby ProEdge Buffing Mop is used with Sorby's ProEdge Sharpening System. With honing compound applied, the mop brings steel to a high polish. The Pigtail Mandrel (#49820) is required to attach the mop to the ProEdge. Mandrel and Honing Compound…

22-36 Points

Robert Sorby Proedge Cutting Tip Holder

The Robert Sorby Proedge  Cutting Tip Holder is double-ended to allow you to hold comfortably almost every Sorby tool tip without fear of catching the cutting tip or, even more importantly, your finger in a sharpening belt or grinding wheel. The holder is…

14 Points

Robert Sorby Proedge Buffing Kit

Robert Sorby Proedge Buffing Kit uses the buffing mop and honing paste to create a high polish on any steel. The Proedge Buffing Mop attaches to the ProEdge Pigtail Mandrel. The three hex screws secure the arbor to the accessory attachment hub. The loose-leaf…

55 Points

Robert Sorby Proedge Knife Holder Jig

With the Robert Sorby Proedge Knife Holder Jig, you can produce a razor-sharp edge on carving, hunting, kitchen knives, and more. The Knife Sharpening Jig is fully adjustable to accommodate varying blade thicknesses and allows you to produce any bevel…

45-113 Points

Robert Sorby Proedge Honing Wheel Arbor

  The Robert Sorby Proedge Honing Wheel Arbor is required to attach the Honing Wheel to Sorby's Proedge System. Use the Robert Sorby Proedge Honing Wheel Arbor To mount the Honing Wheel to the Proedge sharpening system. The Arbor is attached by three…

25 Points

Robert Sorby Proedge Angle Set

The Robert Sorby Proedge Angle Set takes the guesswork out of choosing the correct bevel angle when sharpening bowl and spindle gouges with the Robert Sorby® Pro Edge™ Angle Set. To set the desired angle, place the Gouge Jig against the front edge…

25 Points

Robert Sorby ProEdge Short Tool Platform

The Robert Sorby ProEdge Short Tool Platform replaces the standard tool rest platform when sharpeningturning chisels, micro-turning tools, most carving tools and other short shankedtools. This Robert Sorby ProEdge Short Tool Platform is an accessory for…

35 Points