AccuRight Circle Cutter Material Support Block

Adding the material support block to any existing AccuRight Circle Cutter will give the user increased support near the blade for added control when cutting heavier material like blanks for turnings. Comes will all hardware needed to mount on your existing…

15 Points

Center Master Blank Creation System

The AccuRight Center Master Blank Creation System makes it possible to easily and consistently cut and mount circular lathe blanks (for bowl turning, hollow form projects, etc.) using the Carter Circle Cutter (sold separately). The device allows even thick…

47 Points

AccuRight Circle Cutting Jig

The AccuRight Circle Cutting Jig by Carter Products quickly and easily attaches to almost any saw allowing you to cut perfect circles every time. The Carter AccuRight® Circle Cutting Jig allows you to cut any diameter circle up to four feet when used…

140 Points