Yorkshire Grit Abrasive Pastes

Yorkshire Grit Woodturners Abrasive Pastes produce a superiorly smooth surface on your wood, resin, and hybrid projects. The abrasive pastes contain mineral oil, beeswax, and abrasive powders without using petroleum products or other strong-smelling harmful…

19-35 Points

INDASA White Line 3″ Sanding Disks

INDASA White Line 3" Sanding Disks Grits from 40-600 Indasa 3" Rhynogrip White Line Solid Sanding Discs are production-grade abrasives that offer the best balance of productivity, quality finish, and cost-effectiveness. The Whiteline is the best option when a…


INDASA Rhynogrip Red Line 3″ Sanding Disks

INDASA Rhynogrip Red Line 3" Sanding Disks Grits from 40-1200 Grit. Indasa Rhynogrip Red Line Abrasives are the perfect choice for your sanding needs and applications, including heavy sanding, prep sanding, fine sanding, blending, and micro-finishing before…