Woodcut Tools Max4 Bowlsaver Coring System Bundle. Save $159.00

Special Bundle Package $899.95

This limited-time special bundle package includes the Woodcut Tools Max4 Bowlsaver coring system.

The bundle includes a tool post to fit your lathe, a laser light guide (usually $129.95), and free shipping in the continental U.S. Limited offer ends 5/01/24

Please allow two weeks – three weeks for delivery


  • Three Blades, Small 3″, Medium, 12″, and Large 17″
  • 20″ long handle
  • Morse Taper #2 for tail stock integration
  • Detailed user guide
  • Heavy/Oversize Item  $30.00 Flat Rate Shipping- Waved during this bundle special



Purchase this item and get 1800 Points
Purchase this item and get 1800 Points

The Woodcut Tools Bowlsaver Max4 Bowl Coring System.

Bowlsaver Max4 Bowl Coring System is everything needed to start coring a wide range of shapes and sizes of bowls from 3″ up to 18″ in diameter.
All three heavy-duty blades are included and designed to retain shape, more than two times stronger than any other bowl coring blades on the market.
The unique Max4 Large blade has been highly engineered and designed with a unique curve that enables bowl saving without vibration and no need for additional blade support, which may slow the process or risk digging in. Each blade has a Stellitecutter, delivered hollow ground, and is ready to start coring.

Woodcut Tools Bowlsaver Max4 Bowl Coring System Components:

The Blades

  •   The Woodcut Tools Bowlsaver Max4 comes with three blades to offer a cut size from 3″ to 18″ in diameter. Each blade is shaped to a radius and is provided with a precision sharpened Stellite cutter.
  • The large blade uniquely features a concave shape that provides solid support for the blade without needing an additional tool rest that can be complex to operate, especially with natural-edged bowls, making bowl coring simple for the turner.
  • The blades are manufactured from high-performance steel proven to retain shape and ensure a lifetime of efficient bowl coring.

The Platform

  • The bowl coring process will apply high pressure to the platform, especially if the wood is hard and dense. The Bowlsaver Max4 coring system is made with precision machined cast aluminum and steel anodized to successfully core bowls small or large, wet or dry.
  • When coring large bowls, the blade experiences immense downward pressure. To prevent the blade from twisting, the top of the large blade is supported by a machined steel post, and a bearing supports the bottom of the lower blade.

The Tailstock

  • A machined No 2 Morse Taper comes supplied to enable integration of the Bowlsaver Max4 product with the lathe tail stock, ensuring a stable bowl coring platform.
  • 3/8 – 16″ threaded rod supplied to provide integrated support and stability from the No 2 Morse Taper to the Lathe tail stock.

The Handle

  • The Woodcut Tools Bowlsaver Max4 Bowl Coring System comes supplied with a 20″ long handle with double skin steel and an 8 ½” long foam grip.
  • The 20″ long handle uniquely features a spigot that supports an additional handle for more handle length and leverage if needed.


  • A simple adjustment of the tail stock slide on the platform will support the turner to core the bowl shape they require.


  •  A detailed user guide includes ready-to-use planning templates to core a nest of bowls successfully.

​Dimensions (approximate)

  • Base platform footprint: 9 ¾” long (measured from the front edge of the base plate to tail stock assembly and excluding 20″ long handle) x 8 ¼” wide
  • Weight: 9kg / 19 ½” pounds
  • Height: 150mm from Shaft collar to top of rotation post

​Woodcut Tools Bowlsaver Max4 Bowl Coring System
Operating requirements

  • Minimum 1.5 HP lathe with flatbed.
  • Swing of 16″ to 25″.
  • Your local Woodcut Tools dealer will assist you in selecting the tool post size to enable the Bowlsaver Max4 to mount to your lathe.

​Basic equipment included

  • 3 x high-strength steel zinc-plated blades with pre-sharpened Stellite cutters
  • 20″ long handle
  • Platform
  • No 2 Morse Taper
  • Detailed user guide
  • Planning templates
  • 3/8 – 16″ Threaded rod
  • Kitbag of all Hex keys required to fasten
  • A tool post is required to fit the product to your lathe.


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