• Accurate Coring – Taking the guesswork out of setting up to core a bowl
  • Time Saving – Simply retro-fit the supplied fitting bolt, attach the Light Guide to your BowlSaver, line up the light with the blade tip and discover the path. Retro-fit bolt included.
  • Easy To Use- The light guide traces the path of the cutter across the outside of the bowl allowing you to ensure you get the perfect cut. Quickly and easily adjust the blade to get your desired coring.Included:  2 (Standard Bowlsaver) or 3 (Bowlsaver Max4) hole light guide body, mast, retro-fit bolt, lazer light and Instructions.
Purchase this item and get 240-260 Points
Purchase this item and get 240-260 Points


The Woodcut Tools Bowlsaver Light Guide works with the Bowlsaver and Max4 bowl coring systems. It is perfect for obtaining predictable bowl shapes before the coring process.

Rotating the arm of the light attachment shows the path the cutter will take traced across the outside of the bowl.  The light attachment has a post that attaches to the pivot bolt of the coring system. It has an arm with a light pen positioned in line with the cutter.

The Bowlsaver guide has two holes,  and the Max has three holes.


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