• Next Evolution in Steadyrest Work Support Systems
  • Compatible with a range of lathe sizes from mini to 20.”
  • Ultra-strong and lightweight
  • Split open to access or remove the workpiece
  • Converts from Steadyrest to Bowlrest configuration
Purchase this item and get 16-720 Points
Purchase this item and get 16-720 Points


The Carter Products MultiRest is compatible with lathe swing sizes from 10″ up to 20″ with no additional hardware required. The base of the MultiRest has independently adjustable spacer blocks that provide a secure fit on lathe beds with way sizes from 1″ to 4.5″ in width. Each roller wheel assembly can be positioned anywhere around the ring to adjust the center position for a wide range of lathe sizes and part diameters.

The unique 2-piece design allows quick opening of the MultiRest while leaving the mounting base still firmly attached to the lathe bed. This design provides easy access when mounting or demounting parts, sanding, shaping, and other secondary operations. When separating the large ring section from the MultiRest, the remaining smaller one becomes a bowl rest. Doing so provides solid support behind the workpiece, fully exposing the opposite side of the piece to exterior cutting operations.

The device’s multi-ring structure creates excellent rigidity while keeping the tool’s weight to half that of a comparable steel rest. High strength, laser-cut steel, and aircraft-grade aluminum components assure the ultimate in strength and durability. Each of the MultiRest’s bearing mounted, non-marring urethane wheels have a rigid internal ring to prevent sidewall flex. This design is providing exceptional support while still being gentle on the workpiece. The MultiRest uses the same high-strength industrial sealed bearings used in our time-tested bandsaw upgrade guides. They’re not your typical skate wheel and bearing. The unit comes stock with three (3) wheel assemblies, which is perfect for most tasks. These wheel assemblies can be positioned anywhere around the ring. Unlike any other steady rest on the market, you can add additional wheel assemblies as needed to give you any number of wheels around the circle (3,4, 6, etc.)
The standard MultiRest accommodates pieces up to 16″ diameter with an actual center at 20″ swing. In contrast, the MultiRest XL accommodates blanks up to 22″ in diameter with the exact center at 24″ swing.


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