Purchase this item and get 82-86 Points
Purchase this item and get 82-86 Points


The Robert Sorby Stebcenter is an invaluable accessory for every woodturner. Fitted in the lathe tailstock, it is a boon for both the novice and the experienced.

Its ring of sharp teeth ensures that the Stebcentre bites the wood to give it more security and drive. There is minimal risk of splitting because there are several points of contact. The Stebcentre can be used equally confidently on soft and hardwoods and synthetic materials.

The Stebcentre is designed with the woodturner’s convenience in mind. Its spring-loaded point allows for easy inspection of the workpiece without the need to switch off the lathe. This feature is particularly beneficial when time is of the essence, as the workpiece can be swiftly removed without interrupting the lathe’s operation, enhancing your productivity.

Overall length: 4″ 


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