Hampshire Sheen Vinyl Stencils  are precision cut from professional-grade paint masking vinyl and can be used in virtually any application technique. Have a go with airbrushes, daubing with sea sponges, painting, or anything you like!

Being light solvent resistant, Hampshire Sheen stencils can be used to apply water or alcohol-based colors, aerosols, metallic, or other mediums.

What’s In the Packs?

Your new stencil packs contain:

  • Two sheets of themed stencils on pro-grade 80-micron paint masking vinyl suitable for application to many different substrates.
  • A sheet of transfer tape for easy application of complex designs.
  • A colored scale diagram of the designs on the vinyl sheets.
  • Basic instructions for use.

Each pack is graded on the experience level you may consider having before using the stencils. The Level 1 stencils can be used multiple times due to their simple features.

How to Use Hampshire Sheen Stencils

Using stencils is tremendously fun and very rewarding. Getting to grips with them is easy with our Level 1 sets, as they peel off easily and are applied just as quickly. To help you further, here are some things to consider:

Take Your Time: Although the stencils peel on and off quickly if they stick to themselves, it is tricky to prise them apart without stretching or tearing them. Likewise, avoid applying too much color in one go. Multiple light coats are preferable to one heavy one. This helps prevent bleeding beneath the stencil and encourages a gradual build-up of color.

Surface Choice: Stencils work best with plain, tight-grained woods like maple, sycamore, and beech. Their close-grain structure can be sanded very smoothly with little chance of your color bleeding into the grain beneath the vinyl. You can also use these stencils on hard, smooth surfaces such as metal, glass, paint, etc.

Safety: Take precautions to look after your skin, lungs, and eyes using personal protection equipment appropriate for the job.



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