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Standard Stencil Package

  • Sheet Size 8″x11”
  • Multiple sized cut-outs
  • 2 sheets per pack

Multi-Pack-7 includes:

  •  1 Bee
  • 1  Dragonfly
  • 1 Swallowtail Butterfly
  •  1 English Oak Leaf
  • 1 Sugar Maple Leaf
  • 1 Bubble Border
  • 1 Blank Sheet
Purchase this item and get 13-29 Points
Purchase this item and get 13-29 Points



The Nick Agar Signature Series Peel-Off Stencils are made for creating beautiful patterns and images on your woodworking and decorating projects. Nick has worked closely with Chroma Craft to develop the design and detail to produce just the right shape and size to expand your creativity. The Stencil material is specially formulated for use with low saturation solvent or acrylic paints. The self-adhering film is flexible, repositionable, and reusable. They can conform to complex shapes, and the precision die-cut stencil is used for both a positive and negative image. The translucent film allows clarity for layering techniques as well as visibility of the pattern. You can use the stencil with any combination of methods, including airbrush, dauber, or roller with Chroma Craft dyes, paints, and markers.

Each stencil sheet is approximately 8″x11” with multiple sized cut-outs, 2 sheets per pack.

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