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Threaded Brass Rings For Vessels Style B

Each Style B: Threaded Ring Set consists of one male thread and one female thread. Threaded ring sets are used to make vessels, jars, urns, etc while having metal threads to connect the lid and base. The stepped male ring gives you metal to metal meet up…

23-35 Points

NOVA Nebula Outboard Outrigger System – Bed Extention

The NOVA outrigger for the Nebula lathe will increase your out board turning capacity to 35" The tool rest and banjo are included with  the Nebula lathe. The Nebula bed extension is required for Outrigger use. SKU: 55262 The NOVA Nebula bed extention provides…

250 Points
Group 1 threaded brass ring set

Threaded Brass Rings For Vessels

Threaded Brass Rings for Vessels are perfect for making vessels, jars, urns, and lidded boxes. The rings consist of one male thread and one female thread featuring a cross-hatched exterior textured surface. This cross-hatched texture provides double the area…

21-69 Points

Woodcut Tools Mill Drill

Woodcut Tools Mill Drill. Australian turner Brendan Stemp had the idea of making the process simpler and faster to produce Peppermills. Frustrated with  he complexity of using multiple drill bits, Brendan’s idea to develop a product was…

150 Points

Woodcut Tools Tru-Grind Sharpening System

The Tru-Grind Sharpening System is a complete, simple-to-use system ready to produce razor-sharp tools every time. The Tru-Grind Jig locks securely into place ensuring you are repeating exact sharpening degrees for each tool. Speeding up the…


Easy Wood Tools Easy Chuck

 Easy Chuck The Easy Wood Tools Easy Chuck 4" Diameter woodturning chuck is the first-ever patented quick-change woodturning lathe 4 jaw chuck. The Easy Chuck includes two important features that when combined contribute to effortless and lightning-fast…

429 Points

NOVA Supernova2 LITE Chuck Insert Version

The Nova Supernova2 Lite is a four-jaw self-centering geared chuck that's suitable for a wide variety of lathes with up to 20'' of swing over the bed. Packed with unique Nova features like composite indexing back, auto-stop, copper composite jaw slides,…

190 Points

Carter and Son Toolworks – Mike Mahoney Signature Bowl Gouges

Carter and Son Toolworks - Mike Mahoney Signature Bowl Gouges- Professional woodturner Mike Mahoney specializes in bowl turning. His signature grinds are the product of decades of experience. Now you can bring the tools found at Mike’s lathe to your shop!…

99-192 Points

Nick Agar Signature Series Web-FX

The Nick Agar Signature Series Web-FX is a special effect paint designed to give a lacy, web-pattern effect offering texture and depth to various projects for woodworkers.  Use a steady spray for a calligraphic effect, or use an intermittent…

6-30 Points

Robert Sorby Micro Spiralling Tool Shaft & Bronze Screw

The Robert Sorby B370 Micro Spiralling Tool Shaft & Screw only is a must-have if you use the 370A Micro Spiralling texturing system. With the Micro Spiralling Tool Shaft & Bronze Screw, you can mount each of the three available cutters to their own…

45 Points