Woodcut tools Phil Irons Shear Scraper

Woodcut Tools Irons Shear Scraper

The Woodcut Tools Irons Shear Scraper is designed to deliver an excellent finish for external shapes of bowls and hollow forms. Think of it like a cabinetmaker's scraper for turners. The Woodcut Tools Irons Shear Scraper is used to refine shapes and…


Robert Sorby 8008LH 1-1/2″ Bowl Finishing Inboard Scraper

They are designed for finishing bowls when working inboard. All heavy-duty scrapers are produced in a massive 1-1/2"x 3/8" (38 mm x 10 mm) section. This means they absorb vibrations and are stable in use, making them ideal for long overhangs over the tool…

147 Points

Robert Sorby Round Nose Scraper 1″

Robert Sorby Round Nose Scraper 1" Used on bowls and platters to create smooth flowing curves.

70 Points

Robert Sorby Bowl Scraper 1″

Robert Sorby Bowl Scraper 1" For inboard bowl finishing.

100 Points

Carter and Son Toolworks 1″ Bowl Scraper

A sturdy bowl scraper produces fine shavings and is optimal for leaving a smooth finish and removing cutter marks. Projects ranging from bowls and platters to boxes and goblets can benefit from a round nose scraper's fine finish.   3/8" thick &…

110-165 Points