Easy Wood Tools Standard Carbide Cutter

The standard carbide cutters are manufactured by Easy Wood Tools, the only carbide insert tool manufacturer to do so. These standard profile cutters provide an excellent value and long life. Designed for use on all woods hard or soft with the perfect cutting…

14-30 Points

Easy Wood Tools Negative Rake Carbide Cutter

  Negative rake carbide cutters enhance your acrylic resin turning experience. Easy Wood Tools were the first to create a Negative Rake Carbide Cutter™ (patent pending). Rake is the angle of a tool relative to its cutting surface,…

17-30 Points
Pro Forme Hollowing Tool

Woodcut Tools Pro-Forme Hollowing Tool

The Woodcut Tools Pro-Forme Hollowing tool is one of the finest free-hand, end grain/hollow form turning tools since 1995. The cutter is designed explicitly for hollowing with many unique features. Designed for…

35-513 Points

Woodcut Tools Little Wonder Cup Tool

The Little Wonder Tool is an easy to use wood turning tool designed to cut small end grain goblets, bowls, boxes and vases cutting from the inside outwards. This product cuts on its side with the bevel rubbing, slicing cleanly around the bottom curve of…

40-110 Points
Woodcut tools Phil Irons Shear Scraper

Woodcut Tools Irons Shear Scraper

The Woodcut Tools Irons Shear Scraper is designed to deliver an excellent finish for external shapes of bowls and hollow forms. Think of it like a cabinetmaker's scraper for turners. The Woodcut Tools Irons Shear Scraper is used to refine shapes and…

40-70 Points
Woodcut tools handles

Woodcut Tools Handles

Woodcut Tools Handles. The Woodcut Tools 1/2" Diameter Tool Handle is ideal for the; Little Wonder Tool, Bowlsaver Standard, Irons Shear Scraper, and Pro-Forme Flexi products. A comfortable rubber grip allows you to use it for long periods without…

45-120 Points

Carter and Son Toolworks Aluminum Handles

Strong, maneuverable, chatter-reducing. Those are the qualities we had in mind while designing our handles, and we think we got 'em just right! Aluminum provides a balanced feel, and the comfortable shape fits your hand. Beautifully engraved and polished,…

20-90 Points

Woodcut Tools Pro-Forme Flexi Hollowing Tool

The Pro-Forme Flexi is designed for small to medium-sized hollowing projects.  An articulated hollowing tool based on the best hollowing cutter on the market, the Pro-Forme Powerhead. The Pro-Forme Flexi comes with 2 high tensile articulating joints, one…

35-255 Points

Carter and Son Toolworks – Mike Mahoney Signature Bowl Gouges

Carter and Son Toolworks - Mike Mahoney Signature Bowl Gouges- Professional woodturner Mike Mahoney specializes in bowl turning. His signature grinds are the product of decades of experience. Now you can bring the tools found at Mike’s lathe to your shop!…

99-192 Points

Easy Wood Tools Mid-Size Easy Hollower #3

The Easy Wood Tools Mid-Size Easy Hollower #3 is the final step in the set, removing material from the 6 o’clock and 9 o’clock positions. Reaches those final interior areas in projects like vases, boxes, and hollowed forms. This is an…

140 Points