• Ci6 SQ Carbide cutter
  • 9-¼” overall length
  • ToolBar length 5/16”x3-1/4”
  • Reach over tool rest: 2”
  • 6” Maple handle



Get an honest review while learning the ins and outs of the Easy Wood Tools Micro Easy Rougher in our instructional video.

The Micro Easy Rougher finds the fun in fine detailing. If you need more control in your smaller creative projects, this is the precision tool to turn to. This tool expands your project possibilities, bringing a whole new level of creativity and capability to carbide turning.

This is an American-made, 5/16” carbide woodturning tool with a solid stainless steel bar stock.

We love: Turning tiny projects like ornaments and finials with the Easy Micro Turning Tool. Comfortable, precise, and great for all skill levels.

Good to know: The Micro, true to its name, is a great tool for small, detailed projects. If you need a tool with greater reach or with more heft, this is not the tool for your project. Respect its limits and it’ll serve you well.


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