Negative Rake Beading Carbide Cutters

  • 1/8″

  • 3/16″

  • 1/4″

  • 3/8″

  • Available individually or in our economical Multi-Size Kit Packages

  • Now Available With Easy Start Handles- Single Tool or Four Tool Kit

Purchase this item and get 31-32 Points
Purchase this item and get 31-32 Points



Easy Wood Tools Negative Rake Beading Carbide Cutter turns an Easy Roughe into a Beading Tool by adding this replaceable Negative Rake Carbide Beading Cutters. These beading cutters are designed to fit on an Easy Rougher that is engraved with or accepts our Ci2 carbide cutters:

  • Easy Start Easy Rougher™

  • Mini Easy Rougher™

  • Mid-Size Easy Rougher 

The cutting edge on these Beading Cutters is Easy Wood Tool’s patented Negative Rake design, so they will create easy-to-turn smooth beads with less aggressive catch-free cuts, therefore safer, and work on both woods and resins. As with all of the Easy Wood Tools Carbide Cutters, these are specifically designed for turning and manufactured in-house by us with our proprietary process.

Turn an Easy Rougher into a 7-way multi-use tool with the addition of all four (4) Beading Cutters, the Ci2-SQ Standard (comes with Ci2 Easy Rougher), the Ci2-R2 Radius and the Ci2-R2-NR Negative Rake Cutters.

  • Fits on Ci2 Easy Rougher
  • Easy Start / Mini Size / Mid Size
  • Available in four (4) beading diameter sizes and economical kit packs:
  • 1/8”
  • 3/16”
  • 1/4”
  • 3/8”
  • Adds perfect semi-circular beads to any project
  • Negative Rake cutter for smooth, less aggressive use on woods and resins
  • Easy to use for all turning skill levels
  • Replaceable – when dull, replace the cutter
  • No complicated sharpening involved like HSS tools

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