• Eight Stunning colors to choose from
  • 125 ml bottles with flip-top
  • Eight-color 15ml bottle sample kit
Purchase this item and get 13-35 Points
Purchase this item and get 13-35 Points



Hampshire Sheen Canival Colors. . These vivid hues consist of water-based wood stains, offering a delightful alternative to typical liquid wood dyes.

Our Carnival Collection water based wood dyes provide the perfect introduction to adding colour to your woodworking projects. Our specially curated collection of enchanting shades will provide you with an array of vibrant hues to choose from. Choose from Egyptian Blue for a rich blue shade, Hero Red for the ultimate in colour depth, Lavender Violet for a delicate yet vibrant hue, Mediterranean Blue which is similar to denim, Orange Orange for a great shade to blend with Sunshine Yellow and Hero Red, Raven Black for a dark and foreboding background colour, Sunshine yellow for a mega-bright blast of colour and Super Green for a bright fun green shade to blend with blues and yellow. Our 15ml sample pack will give you the perfect starting point to bring colour into your projects. Get creative and vibrant with Carnival Collection!

With their vibrant tones, these cheerful colors effortlessly enhance any project. Whether applied directly from the bottle onto paper towel, used with a brush or sponge, or applied through an airbrush, they bring a burst of creativity to any artistic endeavor.

Tired of the ordinary? Get noticed with the Carnival Colour Collection! Our super bright, water-based wood stains will bring vibrancy and life to your work, no matter what type of project you’re tackling. With excellent coverage and super-saturated colours you can breathe new excitement into your pieces. Our easy-to-use bottles come with a press-up cap that helps reduce spillages, making it easy to get precise, vibrant results every time. For those looking to let their creative juices flow, the Carnival Colour Collection is the perfect place to start. Unleash the power of fresh colour and let your work shine.


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