Hampshire Sheen Intrinsic Wood Dye Color Collection

The Hampshire Sheen Intrinsic Wood Dye Color collection of 12 water-based wood dyes is in a range of mature shades that bring a level of atmosphere and depth to your work. They afford you a longer working time than alcohol-based stains and dyes, allowing…


Hampshire Sheen Carnival Colors

Hampshire Sheen Canival Colors. . These vivid hues consist of water-based wood stains, offering a delightful alternative to typical liquid wood dyes. Our Carnival Collection water based wood dyes provide the perfect introduction to adding colour to your…

13-35 Points

Nick Agar Signature Series Liquid Wood Dye

Nick Agar Signature Series liquid Wood Dye provides brilliant transparent colors that enhance but do not obscure the wood grain or figuring.  Formulas are made ready to use with a fast-drying alcohol base utilizing the highest quality, UV-stable dyes…

9-54 Points