The Hampshire Sheen Intrinsic Wood Dye Color collection of 12 water-based wood dyes is in a range of mature shades that bring a level of atmosphere and depth to your work. They afford you a longer working time than alcohol-based stains and dyes, allowing you to move the colour around for perfect application and blend.

They sink deeply into the wood and preserve the appearance of the figure in the wood, releasing the hidden subtleties and enhancing medullary rays and ‘chatoyance’.

Easy to apply using paper towel, brush, sponge, airbrush or any other method, you can let your imagination run wild – particularly with airbrush techniques. Try using an alcohol spray to create streaks, or use masking tape for a more art-deco feel.

For the absolute best results and depth of colour, use more than one coat, or add a black or earth undercoat for an even more dramatic effect.

When you’re done applying the colours and they are dry, please make sure you seal the piece properly. For the best surface, we recommend our wipe-on cellulose sanding sealer or Professional Matt Sealer Spray, but any good quality sealer will provide a suitable surface for your final finish.

Coloured pieces generally look better with a gloss finish. The shine refracts light and enhances the added colour and figure in the wood.

For the highest possible shine, use our Clear Gloss Lacquer or several coats of our food and toy safe Gloss Finishing Wax.

  1. Sand your work perfectly to at least 400 grit;
  2. Apply at least two coats using cloth, paper towel, brush or airbrush or other media allowing to dry thoroughly between coats;
  3. (Optional) Apply your Oil and allow to cure;
  4. Seal the wood an appropriate sealer, and allow to dry thoroughly. We recommend our wipe-on Cellulose Sealer or Cellulose Spray Sealer;
  5. Lightly cut the sealer back;
  6. Apply your preferred finish.

Use for the colouring of decorative woodturning and other woodwork items.
*These colours are not paints! Remember that dyes and stains have a level of translucency and will be effected by the natural colour of the wood. For the best and brightest results, use pale woods like sycamore, maple or ash. Results will vary on darker wood species.


Suitable for applying by hand using paper towel, brush, airbrush, and most other methods.


Use methylated spirits (denatured alcohol) or isopropyl alcohol to wipe up spills or clean hands. Product will dye skin for several days. Wear gloves. Use methylated spirits, isopropyl alcohol or airbrush cleaner for cleaning brushes and airbrushes


Water-based colour, almost black in the bottle, applying in plum/aubergine colour. No noticeable aroma.


It is supplied in a recycled 125ml Boston bottle.


Store in a cool, dry place, ideally between 10° and 30°C (50° and 90°F) Where possible. Protect from extreme heat and freezing. Keep out of direct sunlight.


Kept according to instructions, you can expect the product to last indefinitely.


Unknown – product has not been tested.


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