Sharpening Systems

Proedge Deluxe Sharpening System

The Proedge Deluxe Sharpening System by Robert Sorby offers effortlessly repeatable sharpening every time. Hugely versatile, this industrial-strength machine is built to last and delivers astounding ‘factory finish’ results without fail. Perhaps the most…

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Woodcut Tools Tru-Grind Sharpening System

The Tru-Grind Sharpening System is a complete, simple-to-use system ready to produce razor-sharp tools every time. The Tru-Grind Jig locks securely into place ensuring you are repeating exact sharpening degrees for each tool. Speeding up the sharpening…


Woodcut Tools Tru-Grind Sturdy Rest System

The Woodcut Tools Tru-Grind Sturdy Rest System provides the answer you have been looking for in an adjustable flat sharpening base system. When at the grinder, it is desirable to have sturdy, easy-to-adjust tool rest that supports the tool. Some are a bit…