Robert Sorby 1/2″ Fingernail Bowl Gouge

The Robert Sorby 1/2" Fingernail Bowl Gouge design increases flexibility when cutting. The 1/2" bowl gouge's greater cutting area can be used equally well for heavy profiling cuts or fine, delicate shearing cuts. The name Robert Sorby is synonymous with…


Carter and Son Toolworks 5/8″ Bowl Gouge

The Carter and  Son Toolworks  5/8"  Bowl Gouge  is the perfect size for a wide range of projects. Add a healthy dose of trademark Carter & Son quality, and you've got a new go-to gouge.


Carter & Son Toolworks 3/8″ Bowl Gouge

The Carter & Son Toolworks 3/8" Bowl Gouge proves good things come in small packages. This razor-sharp 3/8" fingernail grind bowl gouge is optimal for fine detailed work. At Carter And Son Toolworks, they have worked with M42 high-speed steel for four…


Carter and Son Toolworks 1/2″ Bowl Gouge

The Carter and Son Toolworks 1/2" Bowl Gouge with a fingernail grind is designed to enhance your bowl turning experience - including a ready-to-turn razor edge, double bevel, and beautifully polished flute.  Available with a signature…